Functions & Responsibilities

Keeper of the Laws of the University

 Oversee interpretation and execution of the Laws of UTAR (Constitution, Statutes, Rules and Regulations of UTAR) 

 Maintain record of Laws of UTAR 

 Update UTAR laws 

 Oversee compliance to Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555) and regulations

Legal Advisor

 Provide guidance and advice on legal matters

 Provide advice on all contracts with external parties

Chairman of RGO Group Management Meeting

 Lead the Management Group overseeing Corporate Communication, Safety & Security, Estate & Facilities and General Services.

Secretary of University Authorities

 Serve as Secretary for meetings of UTAR Council 

 Serve as Secretary of meetings of UTAR Senate 

 Serve as Secretary of meetings of UTAR Senior Management Committee 

For any enquiries, kindly contact us at:

 Tel.    :  05-468 8888 Ext 2536 (Kampar Campus)

                 03-9086 0288 Ext 876 (Sungai Long Campus)